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5th Company anniversary and celebration of relocation
Release time:2016.03.21
We celebrated 5th company anniversary on March 19th. We relocated into a newly refurnished and ampler workplace. In order to celebrate it, we have a hilarious housewarming party. For a start, we had a summary convention. We recalled and shared 5 years’ development and experiences. Designed stainless steel thermal cups are presented to every employee , agents and important clients as gifts. According to general manager Shandy Sha, a cup homophonically means forever in Mandarin. We hope that we could befriend our agents and clients for good. Then we took a family photo and set off firecrackers. We were full of joys of spring in a wetland by fishing, playing poker, camping, barbecuing, riding bikes, shooting the breeze,etc. At night we feasted on great food in a five-star hotel to celebrate anniversary and relocation. Everyone really enjoys this unforgettable moment. We will have a closer tie and work together like a glove. We are devoting ourselves to long-term goals of company.