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ZT2000-D HF Self-check Kiosk

【Product profile】 It is designed for scanning and identifying RFID tags(HF and UHF) glued to books and discs. For patrons ,kiosk can read books in any orientation. They can reduce queuing time and obtain privacy. For librarians, they can serve patrons better. Kiosk can speed up item check-in can checkout process.It is hooked up to application system by SIP2. ZT2000-D supports HF,UHF and hybrid version. It adopts unique process and efficiently handles wireless crosstalk. It reliably identifies books in the checkout and check-in area and shields book information out of the area. It meets ISO-28560, WH/T 43-2012, and UHF-RFID technology of university. We can customize the kiosk according to your requirement. 【Features】 Protocol: ISO18000-6C, ISO15693, ISO18000-3 Intuitive user interface,space-saving and sleek design,easy-to-use operation Contactless RFID tag attached to circulation items Touch screen and intuitive interface, multiple languages Prevent customers from substituting items during checkout System guarantees that books in the designated zone will be scanned and books out of the designated zone won’t be scanned. By this way, patron won’t make mistakes during checkout and check-in process. Hardware can be upgraded System provides continuous automatic connection. When problematic web is restored, it will be automatically connected to system server without librarian’s operation. Web-based remote alarm. When system is problematic, notice will be promptly sent to librarian and repairman Web-based remote monitoring and diagnostics, remote control and management web-based inquiry statistics generate various reports and graphs It can be customized. OEM and ODM are accepted   【Specifications】 Main controller: Intel core quad, Hard drive:500GB, RAM 2GB Dimension: 550*500*1650mm Reading distance: customized as per customer’s requests Interface port: USB,RS232,RJ45 Antenna: Wifi extension available Work frequency of RFID reader and antenna: 860-960MHz(applicable to UHF or 13.56MHz, tag radio frequency deviation meets the ISO. Monitor: 17"TFT LCD touch screen Display resolution:1280*1024 @60 or 75Hz Touch screen: SAW screen ,waterproof Camera:low-light and high-definition micro black-and-white camera Audio: stereo speaker with power amplifier Power supply: 220VAC,50Hz Operating temperature:-5℃—50℃