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ZT 2000-M Ritzy Self-service Checkin and Checkout Kiosk

【Product profile】 ZT2000-M is a metal self-help kiosk with a bookdrop inside it. It comes in a variety of finishes to fit the look of any library. Coating has excellent rust and corrosion resistance. Kiosk’s pedestal is shockproof. It serves both in the library and outdoors as a mobile library It adopts international leading technology of visual processing. The accuracy of multiple book detection is leading. It is equipped with check-in and checkout video management service. It enhances reliability and security 【Features】 Self-help kiosk for borrowing,returning renewing books and inquiring about overdue fines Intuitive touch screen interface with words reminder, voice prompt and animation ,easy-to-use operation Multiple book detection prevents patrons from checking out more than one book under a single barcode.Multiple book detection can handle any location and orientation of EM security strip and item At least two infrared sensors prevent patrons from substituting library items during checkout Omni directional barcode scanner with an oscillating mirror: when books are placed on the V cradle, scanner will automatically read the barcode in less than 0.1 second Fast track resensitization,desensitization and verification, compatible with all kinds of EM security strips Standard interface SIP,SIP2,NCIP,support various library circulation management system Upgradeable from barcode to HF or UHF RFID,support barcode and many library cards Support various library cards: barcode or all-in-one card,etc Notice will be promptly sent to librarian when system is down Web-based remote monitoring and diagnostics, remote control and manage the running of device web-based query statistics generate various reports and graphs Options:real-timely print receipts, printing content can be customized Metal structure, shockproof pedestal, able to serve in a harsh work condition.   【Specifications】 Main controller: Intel core quad, Hard drive: 500GB, RAM: 2GB Fast resensitizer,desensitizer and verifier in one unit Monitor: 17"TFT LCD touch screen Receipt printer :High-speed thermal printer with automatic receipt cutter Barcode scanner: omni-directional barcode scanner with an oscillating mirror Camera:low-light and high-definition micro black-and-white camera Audio: stereo speaker with power amplifier Card Reader: barcode, all-in-one card,ID card Network interface:Ethernet10M/100M Power supply: 220VAC,50HZ Software: Senseit self-service check-in and checkout management system Dimension: 1100(L)x720(w)x1600(H)cm Barcode type:Code39/Code93/Codebar/Code128/EAN13/UPC, etc Operating temperature:-5℃—50℃