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ZT5000 Bookdrop with Sorters

【Product profile】 ZT5000 is designed for returning ,conveying,sorting and resensitizing books . It doesn’t change the current return procedure. Patrons can return book 24/7 when library closes or in public area . It automatically sorts out different books and sends books to sortation bins according to various book collection. Librarians can directly move around sortation bins to the shelves and shelve books. Accuracy of shelving books will be largely enhanced and workload of librarian will be diminished. Work efficiency and book circulation rate will be improved. It reduces queues at the service counters and enables to re-deploy librarians for other tasks. Thus, it can enrich library service function, promote library image in order for library to catch up with state of art technical development. It can be interior wall or exterior wall mounted, walk-up or drive-up. 【Features】 24/7 self-service book return Sort out and convey books. Support many first-level category listed in a “ Library Classification Standard”. As required, more book breakdown categories could be provided. Support library collection categories Prevent patrons from substituting items during checkout. If return process is doubtable, library can recourse to captured video in the machine Close books automatically in order to prevent opened books from being damaged by other returned books Infrared HD low-light camera can clearly captures and records the return process at night Card : contactless IC card,RFID card, all-in-one card,barcode card Fast track resensitization,desensitization and verification, compatible with all kinds of EM security strips. Reject books without EM security strip or with damaged EM strip Seamless integration with library management system. After returning, return information will be real-timely entered into system Upgradeable to HF,identify RFID tag and hybrid EM/RFID   【Specifications】 Main controller: Embedded industrial CPU Monitor: 17"TFT LCD touch screen Receipt printer :High-speed thermal printer with automatic receipt cutter Fast resensitizer(magnetizer) Barcode scanner: high-speed 2D image scanner Camera:Low-light HD black-and-white camera Audio: stereo speaker with power amplifier Internet port: RJ45 Power supply: AC220V±10% Maximum book size: 320(L)x280(W)x120(T)mm Minimum book size: 80(L)x60(W)x4(T)mm Barcode type: UPC/EAN, code128,code39,Code93,Code11, Interleaved2of5, Discrete2of5,etc Average book return time: 4 seconds Storage capacity of sortation bin : 100x7(7 categories)=700 volumes Alarm system: LCD and visual indication connected to librarian’s workstation Software: Senseit self-service check-in and checkout management system Work temperature:-5℃—50℃ Item size: 4500(L)x1800(W)x1500(H)mm Weight: about 800Kg